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Critical Acclaim for "World's Gone Crazy" by CD Woodbury:

" …(A) magnificent album… The original compositions and excellent covers of this album should help to open up all stages and festivals to Woodbury and his band." -  Robert Moutet, ABS Magazine (France)

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“Singer, songwriter and blues guitarist’s CD Woodbury’s self-produced second album the World’s Gone Crazy is aptly titled for our times. This album represents the diversity of CD’s blues talent and influences, featuring eight original tracks and five covers spotlighting his full-throated voice accompanied by his talented band...” Gloria Riess, Blues Blast Magazine

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“…Woodbury has some novel musical approaches. for example the truly atmospheric slide guitar opening to the title track, World's Gone Crazy and the hilarious observation on obesity, Can't Eat That Stuff No More and you can imagine a great night out you could have with this band on stage." Roy Bainton, Blues Matters (UK) Issue 116


“The undaunted blues man returns with fire on a 13-track recording that is representative of the bands barnstorming live show. …delivers a full dose of high energy Blues, Rock and Soul.” Rick Bowen, Northwest Music Scene

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 "…The opening half minute of "Follow the River Home" sung a cappella does not make us think of a gospel album, but rather of an interesting way of intro of the songs that we will find later, intriguing the listener who soon finds himself projected into other atmospheres: it surprises."  - Luca Zaninello, Il Blues (Italy) September 2020 issue


"Guitar-driven blues and rock are the hallmarks of CD Woodbury from Washington State. The man with the Jolly Roger Fez has been a regular at the IBC for years and has even made it to the finals for the Best Produced CD. With the help of a crowdfunding initiative, Woodbury and his colleagues were able to record their new album "World's Gone Crazy" in the Robert Lang Studio in Seattle, which roughly reflects their live program. From a gospel a capella intro to guitar boogies, Chicago blues borrowings, Memphis soul rhythms, fusion themes, southern rock harmonies, a version of Willie Dixon's immortal "Wang Dang Doodle" to ( All too) often copied classic "Hey Joe" - CD Woodbury avails itself with flying colors in the most varied of drawers, but always remains his own master and gives his to-the-point friends enough space. A rock solid album by a guitarist and singer who stands out from the crowd." - Marco Piazzolonga, Jazz 'N' More (Switzerland)


"Following a career threatening wrist injury in 2018, CD Woodbury makes a triumphant return with World’s Gone Crazy, an apt title for the current times. He starts with Follow The River Home which has opening bars of Gospel leading into a quick walking Blues in the style of Leavin’ Trunk. This is followed up with Walk Around Music, the first and not the last with comments about his size. On this, he tells us about Soul music getting him to move his big old body around. He produces some nice guitar runs on this, which has fuzzed vocals over a sleazy Jazz Blues beat. I Didn’t Know, a strident R&B laced with Funk and a little tango, courtesy of Mike Marinig’s sax is the third of the opening eight self-written songs. Emerald City Blues is a full on, nearly standard 12 bar electric Blues with CD hitting some notes on the excellent solos. I sense a little Walter Trout influence here although I may be completely wrong. We’ve got some Funk, baby on Memphis Heat as CD recounts his Beale Street exploits. This is all built on the foundations of Marinig’s Hammond and CD and the band get into it. This is a favourite with guitar, sax, bass and drums all swapping licks before a tight sax solo. There’s more than a little Average White Band at the end of this. The title track reflects the cover art very well with a fuzzed, hungover start before slide guitar takes over for a contemporary Blues covering the woes of the world just now.

South Of South Hill is built on the excellent rhythm section of Don Montana (drums) and Patrick McDanel (bass) as they set down a groove. CD comes in to match the bass as they go on to a funky Blues rocker. CD puts on his best Fats Waller voice for Can’t Eat That Stuff No More, a whimsical song about his weight and what he can and can’t eat after his Doctor gave him a dressing down. I can empathise to a certain degree. Great view on the diet programme he got through the internet, then on to Weight Watchers and Slim Fast before deciding that he may go out sooner but he’ll be happier as he can’t eat that stuff no more. The album finishes with some covers and other originals not written by CD. The first is the classic Willie Dixon song, Wang Dang Doodle. First recorded by Howlin’ Wolf, this is not an easy song to replicate well. CD and the band do it a little quicker than most and turn it into a bit of an urban Boogie with Montana on lead vocal. It’s a decent version. Last Go Round has a Country Blues feel to it. It’s a shuffling grower that gets better with each listen. This has some of CD’s best guitar work on show but I’ve not said much about his voice. He has a lovely storytelling delivery which is far more suited to his music than one which goes up and down the scales. Adeline, written by Kevin Andrew Sutton, has sax to the fore along with heavier guitar. There’s an altogether shadier feel to this. It’s edgy and brings CD to the game, and it’s another favourite. There’s no introduction required for Hey Joe and kudos to CD for testing himself with this. He comes through the test well and again, his storytelling delivery style works so well with the song. It’s not Jimi Hendrix but then again, who would be? The addition of saxophone brings a different dimension and it’s the first time I’ve heard the sax being used on the song. It’s the longest track on offer, accommodating extended sax and guitar solos, building well to a raucous finish. Joe Louis Walker’s 1998 song, Preacher And The President, ends the album. It’s a funky finish and as much an indictment on today’s incumbents as it was during the 1998 impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. The Hammond organ is used to great effect and I just love that sound! A good finish to the album and it’s another favourite. I’m sure most of these songs will feature high on CD and the band’s live set and I’ll maybe get to see them some time after the pandemic." BluesBlues (UK)

"A mix of original songs and intelligent covers makes this album shine. It's all about contemporary blues from a singer/ guitarist leader and his small blues band. Don Montana plays drums, Patrick McDaniel plays bass, and Mike Marinig adds keyboards as well as tenor saxophone. They make a fine team and give the leader plenty of good vibes. A driving rhythm and a healthy ensemble timbre never fail to boost the efforts of a singer who excels at telling the stories.

The album's title track, "World's Gone Crazy," begins with a wordless vocal and guitar unison intro and then delves into a romping, stomping situation where Woodbury is able to tell his story. Yes, the world's gone crazy. Good tune for the times, and a bluesman stands comfortable in the telling. Nothing crazy about the music. Woodbury and his band preach with meaningful emphasis, making sure that the lyrics appeal.

Cover songs such as "Wang Dang Doodle," "Hey Joe," and "Adeline" reflect Woodbury's deep respect for the blues anthology. Each one comes alive with history and empathy on his mind. You gotta love his original song "Can't Eat That Stuff No More," about the doctor's advice that we all face from time to time. Woodbury likes what everyone else likes, and his music agrees." - Jim Santella, The Official Newsletter & Blues Guide of Southland Blues Magazine



Critical Acclaim for "Monday Night!" by the CD Woodbury Band: 

"Monday Night may be the right time and this album should propel the CD Woodbury Band, who has laboring the trenches for some time, right up to the next level." - Rick J Bowen, No Depression 

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"Being deep in the Americana/blues-rock pocket, this is no mere bar band dreaming of stardom, this is bunch ready to break big." Chris Spector, Midwest Record 

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"The title cut was our favorite.  It could have easily been named 'Monday Night on the corner of Rampart and Canal,' with its funked-up percussion and organ, the scratchy guitars and Famous Flames-era horn section driving this second-line romp and  'cookin’ us all up a little rice and beans.' 

For several years, the CD Woodbury Band has been called 'the Northwest’s best-kept secret.'  Now, the word’s out everywhere with the release of 'Monday Night!,' with its clever songcrafting, fascinating instrumentation, and overwhelming power to make you wanna get up and boogie!!!" - Sheryl and Don Crow 

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"A rocking album, full of burning guitar, tasteful keyboards, soulful sax, and great tunes, Monday Night! is a solid debut for the CD Woodbury Band.  Full of rocking swing-revival, classic Texas shuffles, seasoned with hints of R&B and jazz, the album features a band that can downright play... 

...The album is well worth a listen.  Not only is the playing and production quite good, but the style is unique.  Of course, the band draws heavily on more traditional blues influences, but their sound is not old-fashioned.  Quite the contrary, they are a new and unique addition to the blues tradition. 

The Review: 8.5/10" Nik Rodewald - Blues Rock Review 

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"The CD Woodbury Band plug blues into caffeine-stoked chord changes and make a great appearance with the results on Monday Night." - The Alternate Root - New Release Rack 

"...Monday Night! is a stellar, well-rounded set of blues and R&B that is definitely worth checking out." Blues Bytes 

The C.D. Woodbury Band - Sunbanks Live! 

Blues Notes - Cascade Blues Association - Greg Johnson 


The Seattle-based C.D. Woodbury Band made their debut appearance at the Sunbanks Blues Festival last fall and delivered a stellar, crowd-pleasing performance nicely documented on this new release. Woodbury is a terrific guitarist and handles vocals nicely while he whoops up the crowd with his set of mostly covers and a few choice original numbers. 

That guitar prowess is displayed right away during the opening track with “Further On Up The Road,” where the whole band actually gives samples of their skills with solos during their introductions. Woodbury again soars on the strings for the Freddie Kind classic “Pack It Up” and a fine take of Robben Ford’s “Prison of Love.” He also offers a very well-done take on Willie Dixon’s “Built for Comfort,” using a softer delivery that brings the tune across naturally, as too often is the case with this song the singer tend to make it a shouter and it really doesn’t have to be that way. Woodbury throws a little humorous banter with the crowd during the song about attempts at losing weight. Oh wouldn’t it be great to mix that Slim Fast with Kahlua and ice cream as your daily meals. Makes sense to me. The Neville Brothers’ “Yellow Moon” also brings tremendously sizzling guitar licks that had to get the audience on their feet. But to me, the highlight of the set is “Can I Change My Mind.” Okay, I am a sucker for this Tyrone Davis masterpiece and it is probably one of my all time favorite soul numbers. But if it is presented in the manner it was done originally and handled correctly by the right person it will always sounds fantastic. C.D. Woodbury does just that. 

C.D. Woodbury made a statement with this set at Sunbanks for those in the Northwest who may not have been aware of him before. He was letting everybody know, “Hey, here I am! Watch out, because I’m here to stay!” For those in attendance, I am certain they were convinced. Sunbanks Live! is a nice souvenir for those who were there. For the rest, well listen closely, because C.D. Woodbury is definitely here to stay!! 

Bluesletter - Washington Blues Association - Malcolm Kennedy 

Self released 

There have been several really good live albums recorded at the multi BB Award winning Sunbanks R&B Festivals and the 2011 release by the CD Woodbury Band, Sunbanks Live! is another distinguished example. Clint has been plying his trade for years playing in Polly O’Keary’s Rhythm Method, The Mark DuFresne Band as well as other projects. Woodbury’s band is the former rhythm section from Tim Casey’s Bluescats; Chris Kliemann on keys, Don Montana on drums, Mike Fish on bass, and rounding things out is multi-instrumentalist Mike Marinig on sax, flute and more. Sunbanks Live! contains ten selections including “Two Wheels” an ode to the open road sung and penned by Don. Mike provides a polished sax solo to which CD ads some slick guitar and Chris some tinkling ivories. The covers start with a tune I never tire of, Bobby “Blue” Bland’s “Further On Up The Road” on which CD and his cohorts dazzle. Freddy King’s “Pack It Up” positively struts and Woodbury’s guitar solo sears while the jazzy “Prisoner of Love” puts some focus on Mike’s ripping saxophone and Chris’ keyboards. CD and company show even more diversity on the soulful version of “Can I Change My Mind,” which is definitely one of the highlights of the set, and I am certain it had the Sunbanks crowd up dancing. Speaking of BB Awards, Clint has racked up a few recently with back-to-back Best Electric Guitar awards in 2010 and 2011 plus Best New Band in 2010. Pick up a copy Sunbanks Live! and find out what all the fuss is about. - Malcolm Kennedy 


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"...Powerful" -Experience Hendrix Magazine 

"...When I formed a band 
of my own, he was the first guy I called. I still work with him sometimes. I love C.D.” - Polly O'Keary

“When I got back to Seattle from my Roomful (of Blues) stint I needed a guitarist. On the good word of Randy Oxford I exchanged e-mails with C.D. We played our first gig together, no rehearsal. 
...He is absolutely a consummate professional. That’s A Fact, Jack.” - Mark DuFresne 

"he is a musician’s guitarist." - Roy Brown, from the March 2009 WBS Bluesletter 

"Our featured February Blues CD is 'Sunbanks Live' by the C.D. Woodbury Band." - RockTheBlues.com 

CD Woodbury has been awarded 13 Washington Blues Society Best of the Blues Awards: 

  • WBS Blues Hall of Fame
  • Blues Performer
  • Electric Blues Guitar (6x winner) 
  • NW Recording
  • Blues Songwriter
  • New Band